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Accelerate your learning with our fun, interactive group classes

No one is too young or too old for the benefits and rewards of music.

Connect with your community through music.

Why Group Classes?

Find Motivation

Students are inspired and motivated by their peers.
This accelerates learning.

Develop Social Skills 

Students learn in an ensemble while developing musical, technical and communication skills 

Build Community

Music lessons develop character. Adding TEAMWORK provides opportunities to experience the joy of creating music together.

Make Music Relevant

Playing music with others is often the end goal. Why wait for the fun? Did we mention that is fun? It is fun! Learn together now!

Master Rhythm

Playing in a group helps students to keep a steady beat and feel the rhythm. There is strength in numbers. 

Learning to Listen

Group lessons create opportunity to develop listening skills. In this setting, students benefit from hearing others perform. We learn from each other

Our music lessons provide a great introduction to proper technique, position, and posture;
accelerating students learning for the day when they are ready to graduate into a private lesson format.

Group music lessons develop the love of learning and of music in a positive and encouraging environment.

Instruments We Teach


Accelerate your learning in a fun new way!

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Start your violin adventure by learning to play in a fun and creative way.

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Group Voice Class is the perfect environment for students to explore, learn about their voice and build confidence!

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Cello lessons in an innovative environment. Learn to play and have fun at the same time!

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Ode to Joy by the Students of our Music Academy