Trial Program

Trial Program

The Trial Program is appropriate for instruments in the higher price ranges, as advanced players need to connect with the instrument on an artistic level.  I have played a $100,000 violin that I really disliked, but it sounded like a million bucks in the hands of its owner.  It becomes very personal!

Please take the time to ask questions, listen to the videos of each violin and discuss your needs with me.  If you are not able to come to the Bravura House Studio in person for a private session with me, and if you simply can’t decide, then use our Trial Program to help you with the process. 

How it works

Contact us in order to use this service.  You pay 50% of the value up front, plus the shipping costs.  Once you have received the instrument, you will have 2 weeks to try it in your own home.  If you love it, great!  We can complete the sale.  If you do not love it, you can return the instrument for a refund of the 50% deposit.  You are responsible for the instrument until it has been received in our shop, so it is recommended that your purchase insurance with the return shipping.  If the instrument is not returned in “new condition”, any required repairs will be deducted from the refund.  Don’t get a scratch on it!

Need to double down and try more than one instrument at a time?  No problem, just count on double the shipping expenses.  Our goal is to make you another very happy customer, and we will work to that end.

During the trial process, we can arrange a zoom call, where I can listen to how the performer matches with the instrument(s) and help guide you in the process remotely.