The "850" Master Luthier Series Violin
Violin model 850 scroll with ebony/boxwood pegs
The "850" Master Luthier Series Violin

The "850" Master Luthier Series Violin

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Luthier Craftsmanship

This professional quality violin is hand crafted by master luthier Zhixang Pan.  The instrument is made from top grade European tone woods, with a hand rubbed oil varnish, and modeled after famous violins like the “Heifetz Guarneri”, or the “Soil Strad”. This violin is suitable for a young professional looking for an affordable instrument.  It is very balanced, with a beautiful tone and will blend nicely into chamber and orchestral ensembles with typical professional instruments.  It sounds and feels completely Italian.

The violin boasts the highest standard of setup, with Il Cannone Soloist strings, les bois d'harmonie tailpiece and a Kevlar/Titanium tailwire with a hollow Titanium endpin.

To properly match this level of instrument, consider paring it with a Pernambuco bow from award winning bow maker Pan Guongfu.

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